Mercedes OBD Firewall / CPC Firewall / Diagnostic Firewall Unlock-Module

Simple flashing of Mercedes engine control units with firewall.

With our unlock module, you can easily flash Mercedes vehicles that have an OBD firewall via OBD.

You will save a lot of time and effort dismantling the engine control unit from the vehicle.

The module is simply plugged between the OBD socket and the flash device.


Flashing bench protected Bosch MED17 ECUs

With our module you are also able to flash Bench & Boot protected Bosch MED17 ECUs via OBD.


The unlock module has been successfully tested with the following ECU flashers:

⋅ CMD Flash

⋅ Autotuner


The unlock module has been successfully tested on the following vehicles:

⋅ Mercedes C-Klasse

⋅ Mercedes E-Klasse

⋅ Mercedes CLS

⋅ Mercedes GLC

⋅ Mercedes AMG GT

⋅ Mercedes G-Klasse


The module costs EUR 470.00 excl. VAT.